Volunteers are the heart of the Friends of El Dorado Dog Park Organization

FEDDP needs your help to meet our mission, and to help with the vision that we have for El Dorado Dog Park. We value our volunteers time and commitment to FEDDP. Before you sign up, stop by one of our volunteer meetings where you will receive a badge that recognizes you as a volunteer of FEDDP. Our calendar page will give you the dates of our meetings which are held on every 3rd Sunday of the month. Below are a few links to let volunteers know about the rules of the park and other valuable information.


El Dorado Dog Park Rules

Volunteer Release Form

 Terry Long (Trainer) Suggestions & Dog Park Guidlines

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Would you like to volunteer? Join our email list to receive dog park news and volunteer opportunities!  Alternatively, you may email info@eldoradodogparkfriends.org for more information.